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A Failure to Launch, or to Develop?

I hope this letter finds you well. Recently, I have been collaborating with a brilliant young Harvard graduate named Cole who shares my passion for better understanding emerging adulthood, or today’s generation known as “Millennials” (those born between 1982 and 2003). Together, we are working on a book that will balance academic research and anecdotal experience…

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Helping Remove the Parts of Ourselves That Are Not Us

I hope you are having a wonderful summer. My family and I had the great privilege of traveling to Italy and France this summer. It was a wonderful experience for our family. Not without the normal challenges of navigating activities for a family with a wide range of ages. Our children are 6, 9, 13…

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Interview: Sean Roberts, Lauren Roberts, and Janine Moderski

Here’s a throwback to Danny’s interview with wilderness therapists Sean Roberts and Lauren Roberts, as well as AIM House’s Clinical Director Janine Moderski.

Marijuana Legalization Amidst a Thriving Recovery Landscape

I am a recovering addict and alcoholic. My drug of choice–though I used everything at one time or another–was marijuana. It was the thing I couldn’t seem to live without: my “medicine,” or so I thought. In reality, my life got a whole lot better after I stopped using everything, including marijuana, but that is…

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