Danny Conroy

Real help for real life.

I’m Danny Conroy. Over 20 years ago, I co-founded AIM House – a residential mentorship program in Boulder, Colorado. We help young people discover their strengths, find their purpose, reinforce their relationships, and claim independence so that they can live the lives they’ve imagined. Along the way, friends, colleagues, participants in the program, and their families have encouraged me to share my insights with the world. I created this website to bring together all of my work and do just that.

I am drawn to helping others because I have struggled and overcome many of issues that face young adults today. I know first hand the hopelessness that comes from trauma, depression and addiction. I have exchanged the isolation that comes from these issues with the broader landscape of recovery and service to others. I empathize deeply with young adults and parents who are struggling. Thorough genuine experience. Through genuine experience, I offer true hope to parents and real support to young adults struggling with life’s transitions.

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